False Allegations

What Should You Do?

Unfair Words

Fighting couples on the verge of divorce are vulnerable to all sorts of abnormal behavior and false accusations. These accusations can lead to serious criminal charges and jail time unless an aggressive defence is employed to fight them.

Can Happen To Anyone

Where Are The Facts?

So called evidence in criminal investigations doesn't always represent the actual facts. Even more, police reports of interviews by alleged victims and witnesses can be grossly flawed by opinions, misrepresentations, and straight out lies by angry or confused family members, friends, or other accuaintances.

Being Arrested is Stressful

Once a person is arrested for an alleged crime, confusion, distress, and panic may take over a person's emotions. Police investigators will take advantage of this state-of-mind and attempt to get the detainee to say incriminating remarks. Anything you say can and will, yes WILL, be used against you.

Talk To An Attorney First

After being arrested, it's best to say nothing to police until you've had the opportunity to speak with an attorney who will help protect your rights and scrutinize the evidence that is being used to build a case against you. This can take some time but the final outcome may be turned around in your favor.

Seek Help

If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with a serious crime, seek an attorney immediately who has the experience fighting your type of charges. If you're in the state of Texas, you can find an experienced Dallas criminal defense attorney who is aggressive and ready to fight for you.