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Welcome to LegionAir Virtual airlines. We are international carrier based out of KSLC, PANC, KMSP, and KIAD with room to grow. Our Cargo hubs are KOAK, KMIA, and PANC. At LegionAir its all about the pilots and enjoying this hobby we have. Your welcome from day one to fly any route and any aircraft you would like. We have a top notch fleet and flights from long haul to short jumps. We welcome P3D, FSX and FS9 users. We are striving to create a fun drama free atmosphere to allow flight simulation from the weekend flier to those using this as a starting point in aviation. If this sounds like you, apply and lets start flying!

Recent Arrivals

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot
LGA1461KIADKSEA05.09LGA0001 Tyson Dohrer
LGA746EGCCKIAD09.15LGA0001 Tyson Dohrer
GBU210LOWIEGCC01.50LGA0001 Tyson Dohrer
LGA665KIADLOWI07.19LGA0001 Tyson Dohrer
LGA1482KDENKIAD02.39LGA0001 Tyson Dohrer

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